Musicians and Bands

Vegas Java Entertainment Group has a variety of musicians that we work with. Corporate events, production shows, concert engagements, television and performing arts theaters are just a few areas that our hosts excel. Many of the talent we work with are featured across the country, worked with the best bands and performers and are musical directors. We look forward to working with you and providing some of the best talent in the industry. With over 120 different musicians in our group, Vegas Java Entertainment Group works with all types venues, concert halls, corporations, show producers, entertainment directors and talent recruiters across the country. Our musicians have performed all over the world and are in high demand across the United States. Vegas Java Entertainment Group is your one stop talent destination for top tier productions. Below are just a small sample of musicians, so please be sure to contact us as we have an extensive database of talent.

Dan- Piano-Keyboards-Musical Director

Justin with the Swingbeats

The Sharps